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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  January 25, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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[applause] coming up at noon a south bay student in trouble for bullying. why police are now involved. an investigation underway after a police officer shot a suspect. plus schools are on lock- down as police search for a gunman.
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complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >> charge at him with a rambo
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style knife. >> tense moments that led up to an officer-involved shooting in the east bay but first breaking news in the south bay. good afternoon, i am brian floor is, tori campbell is off. again three schools are on lock- down in sunnyvale after someone reported seeing a gan man with a gun in the area. he was seen running away there. they have locked down these schools. these are live pictures as you can see there. police are searching the area but have found no gunman. you see a police presence there again. 10 minutes ago sheriff's officials began escorting them on to school buses. they are telling parents to go there for information about the incident. we will stay on that during this noon newscast. also at this noon news hour alameda county sheriffs are investigating an officer- involved shooting there. noel walker has been there
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since this morning and joins us from dublin with the latest there. >> reporter: the sheriff's mobile unit arrived within the hour which means they man to stay here a while. you can see where they are gathered beyond the crime scene tape and over to the side of them is y where this all happened 5 houses down from where i am standing in front of that house with the shrubs in front. we talked to a neighbor who saw it happen. >> like, pop, pop, pop, you know like one shot and two following. >> did you hear it or see him. >> i saw it. i saw him aiming and take the shot. it happened so quick i closed the gate and ran back in the house. >> the chopper was over the house after that. the sheriff's department got a call from a man asking for help, saying his son was
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behaving bizarrely, a spokeman said it all happened quickly. >> you never know what is going to come out of it. here is a case within two minutes of him getting here he has already fired his weapon, so this was a quick thing, he gets out of his car immediately confront bid the suspect ed by the suspect who starts to charge at him with this rambo style knife and he in his own defense is going to do that and he was successful. >> now the sheriff says the suspect was shot in the arm but does not have life-threatening injuries. he does have a history with them. a neighbor said this is shocking but not unexpected, that the father has tried to help a troubled son. the are two schools close to where this happened. a high school over in that direction and an elementary school half a block in the other direction. neither of those schools p impacted by this shooting, neither put on lock-down, the
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students not impacted. reporting live in dublin noel walker ktvu channel 2 news. >> antioch police are on alert after parents were warned about a strange man who tried to lure a boy into his car. the principal at sutter elementary sent out a phone message to parents saying a 5th grader was approached by him and said he was sent by a family member to pick him up. he student said i don't know you and quickly walked away. the man was last seen there. the incident has parents on edge. >> i am a little bit scared you know just because you think your kids are safe at school and not going to be anybody that is bad around them but you know i just talked to my son about it, you know, let him know what to do. >> the school's principal says students will be reviewing stranger danger procedures today. the man is descreened as white with gray hair and beard stubble, last seen driving a light blue 70s era car.
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one girl was hospitalized and another arrested after an attack that grew out of an angry exchange offer the internet. it happened there. the principal said they bumped into each other in the hall, exchanged angry words and continued it over social media, one girl and a friend attacked the other, the victim hit her head and was airlifted to the hospital. the other arrested. a student accused of bullying two classmates faces a hearing. two students say another classmate was pressuring them to smoke marijuana. they say when they refused they were attacked. the school resource officers warned the student but authorities say he went on to post facebook messages and sent text messages. >> disappointed certainly, it is the kind of thing that happens from time to time, and i think that is really important here to take away from this is that students are
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responsible for their actions. >> investigators cited the 14- year-old for battery, making harassing phone calls and discharming an air soft weapon at the boys. the school says it disciplined the 14-year-old but did not close the punishment. the school board has approved a man to close a school. the to close bay sigh elementary in sausalito and students sent to martin luther, jr., academy there. it will be converted. bay side will become a charter school. the plan is expected to save $4 50,000 annually, critics say it will create a divide because many families won't be able to afford it. flu activity is declining except here. the cdc says hospitalizations and deaths spiked again last week, especially among the elderly but they say now it appears to be leveling off.
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however today they also reported the season's first flu case resistant to treatment with tamaflu. upgrades are coming to bart after the transit agency approved two contracts to update security and improve wi- fi service. yesterday their board of directors apried approved a contract for that. 2/3 of it comes from a grant. bart is also wiring wireless communications devices to create free wireless hot spots for passengers. an appeals court has ruled that the president violated the constitution when he by passed the senate to fill vacancies on the panel. he says he did that. but the court says they technically stayed in session when they gaveled in and out for those. the white house is expected to
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ameal to the u.s. supreme court. a few hours ago the president announced his 5th chief of staff. the president calls dennis mcdonough a non-stop closer and close friend. he has been a advisory and foreign policy specialist and replaces jack loop, appointed treasury secretary. he said the recently reported response times are inaccurate because of that. the response time goal is eight minutes 80% of the time but a computer error means the department may have missed its response time goals more often than previously reported. however the president of the firefighters union says the true response times will reveal the true impact of reduced staffing. a retired contra costa county fire captain is accused of stealing gear from fire stations. 51-year-old john willmet faces charges. they recovered stolen items including uniforms, tools and
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other supplies and also had a large cash of illegal weapons, he retired just before getting arrested and is out on bail. making changes to school sports programs to even the playing field for students with disabilities. the changes coming up ahead. the sunshine is out this afternoon but will it change, ktvu meteorologist rosemary orosco will be here to tell you what to expect. ñsxóxgñ
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welcome back. we want to give you an update on the breaking news story out of the south bay. three schools are on lock-down after someone reported seeing a man with a gun. these are live pictures from sunnyvale, the schools are west valley elementary, cupertino middle school and homestead high. again police are searching for the gunman right now, we understand he was last seen running away near west homestead road near highway 85, again officials have locked down those campuses. police continue to search the area, as you can see an active scene right now, police as you can see behind trees and next to buildings as well. 10 minutes ago sheriff's officials began escorting students from him steady high on to school buses.
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if you are a parent of the students they are telling parents to go to homestead road and south mary for that information. they are telling you to go to the intersection of homestead and mary for that. again a very active scene and we will keep you updates on that. meanwhile the mercury news is reporting an arrest hash made in a home invasion robbery from earlier. investigators say three suspects ransacked a home there monday around and tied up an older couple at knife point and stole jewelry, electronics and those two cars, and both cars were later recovered. in morgan hill police arrested him in connection with the molestation of 4 children, accused of abusing children between 5 and 13. he is currently held in a county jail on 8 counts of child molestation with special circumstances.
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police are investigating the city's third homicide of the year. it happened last night around there. police say four to five young men approached a man in his late 30s and early 40s and began stabbing him repeatedly. >> there was a scuffle. the victim was stabbed several times in the upper torso and transported to hospital where he was pronounced dead. >> now police are not sure if it is cicted connected but looking for a gray van seen leaving the scene right after the attack. they don't think it is gang related. they say someone attacked a teacher there wednesday afternoon as she was walking to her car after school. a district spokesperson said a woman came up and pepper sprayed her, grabbed her purse and jumped into a car and took off. the district plans to send out a notice to staff members
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reminding them to be careful when walking to and from their cars before and after school. they are doing that to level the playing field for them. jacquelyn joins us live with a look at that. >> we are talking about minor changes, nothing significant that would change the game or give them an advantage. the u.s. department of education sent letters to a student today saying a disabled student must be able to play sports, some changes they could make to level the playing field include a visual cue along with a pistol to allow that or waving the two hand touch rule so a one armed swimmer can compete. after being on the olympics she said it was a challenge to be on her high school team. >> people in high school no longer have to fight to be involved. it never should have been like that. >> officials received
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complaints from parent whose have children who have disabilities, much more later today, jacqueline fell, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you very much. the big game between the niners and ravens is just days away but some officials are hoping bars hold back on serving hard booze that day. paul chambers explains why. >> reporter: san francisco mayor ed lee and other city officials say they want to reduce or eliminate any potential problems after the super bowl so the mayor is asking bars that sell hard liquor to help out. >> suggest that they serve than heavy alcohol during times of celebration because that doesn't help. >> case in point, this where they took to the streets and destroyed property. >> after what happened with the giants and the chaos that is probable one of the first and only times i have been afraid to be there.
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>> so to keep that from happening again they will tor tour those areas and discuss the plans for super bowl sunday, which includes having three times the amount of officer as a normal sunday and also fire marshals at the ready to close down bars that are too crowded or overrowdy but the part that is hard to swallow is not having the hard liquor flow. >> it is a challenge because everybody wants to drink and celebrate and it is going to be hard. >> i think you can control it. people are going to do what they want to do. >> here is one thing people are not allowed to do, watch it in there like they did it. because the nfl does not allow it. in frap frap paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. >> remember to stay right here for all your super bowl p coverage, we will bring you team coverage of the game starting next week with them. and remember we will only be the only local news station
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with a life post game show following the super bowl. well the san francisco public utilities commission has approved a plan to complicate any further efforts to drain that reservoir, they voted to shelf that plan. it is the main water for them and for them. therefore they say it is only fair they have a say in it. they argue to overturn that saying they own it so should be responsible for it. they have announced charges won't be filed amid allegations the department hid millions in state funds, the scandal came as the state threatened to close parks because of budget cuts. the d.a.'s office says it would be hard to prove any criminal wrongdoing. >> happy friday to you. a mix of sun and clouds outside
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our door. mostly sunny over parts of the bay. mostly cloudy over san jose, a little bit of haze and fog still lingering. today is a spare the air day. the poorest air quality reported in and around the north county, which means if you suffer from respiratory issues, perhaps asthma, maybe limit your outdoor activity for the rest of the area. it is moderate. but a spare the air day, the winter spare the air day will last through today and includes the entire bay area although it is the north bay dealing with that. storm tracker 2 showing you clouds, stationed between those 2 systems for the last day or so, let me back up to show you, we continue to watch this here, the wrap around moisture going to bring a very slight chance, maybe a shower or 2 over parts of the south bay and keep us partly sunny to mostly cloudy over parts of the south bay like san jose is dealing with right now. meanwhile watching the second
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system here, this is going to drop into california, already seeing light rain over crescent city. as it moves our way it is going to fizzle out. not a lot of rain but again may bring a sprinkle by tonight for the north bay. a large view of the pacific satellite you can see again how we are sort of right in between these two systems, behind this system to the north of us cooler air pulling in so we will remain with this and cooler highs for saturday and sunday. lit me show you notice by then moisture pulling in from the south with that system i showed you there then, so that is what we are dealing with there, meanwhile this may bring that there. tomorrow afternoon partly cloudy skies, waking up with that, we have that chance, sunday more of the same but really more of that than anything. 54 oakland, 58 santa rosa, 62
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napa so for today these numbers actually slightly warmer than yesterday around and that is what i expect for the second half of today, 62 oakland, 62 for fremont, 62 san jose, low 60s for santa rosa as well as napa with that patchy fog lingering in some areas, santa rosa the visibility down to a quarter mile still although it is beginning to clear up and get better out there, your extended forecast with your weekend in view, you have to leave in that slight chance -- >> -- have to -- >> -- unexpectedly rain on your- >> -yeah -- >> -- really no reason to cancel those plans. >> rosemary thank you -- >> -- you -- >> -brian stowe is scheduled for tonight in the north bay. giants third base coach tim flannery and his band the lunatic fringe will perform there. the concert starts at 9:00 p.m. and will benefit the brian stowe medical care fund, he was
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injured there then. coming up the nation's third richest man could be helping to keep the kings from moving. plus how much an unpublished photo of princess diana sold for. we will see you the photo. we are keeping an eye on breaking news out of sunnyvale, live pictures there, an active seen, three schools under lock- down. we will have the very latest coming up after this break.
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th. welcome back. we want to continue on with some breaking news coming out of sunnyvale again. reporting about it all noon today, a very active scene there. three schools in the sunnyvale area are under lock-down today. the schools as we mentioned before are west valley elementary, cupertino middle school and homestead high, again police there again very active scene, police are searching the area but have found no gunman, there were reports of a gunman there earlier this morning. the last we know the man was last seen running away near west homestead road off highway 85, again if you are just seeing this right now officials have locked down those schools just about maybe 20 minutes ago, sheriff's officials began escorting them on to school buses from there. if you are a parent right now just seeing this school district authorities are telling parents to go to the
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intersection of homestead road and south mary avenue just for more information about the incident. again, those streets are homestead road and south mary avenue. i am hearing that you know parents are not allowed to pick up their kids right now but you are told to go there for more information. city officials said a search was underway, again homestead road. they are also looking at south bernardo avenue, helena drive and wright avenue, a statement released by the cupertino middle school, which was in the search area, from what we understand they are in code red mode with the other two schools, the other two schools i should say are in code blue, meaning only locked down as a precaution, but again the statement also says that students cannot be picked up again at this time and again parents are told to go there for more information about the incident. traffic around that area, streets are blocked off in the
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area during the search. again, the very active scene there. police are looking for a gunman and i believe that we have sound describing the gunman from police. >> the suspect described as a black male adult with a mohawk type haircut, black t-shirt, blue jeans with a hole in it and walking with a noticeable limp. >> and again, we have crews on the scene there, you are taking a live look, very active police scene there in sunnyvale, again three schools locked down. they are west valley elementary, cupertino middle school and home today high there looking for that gunman now expecting to be wielding that gun. i am sure lots of parents are nervous and anxious about what is going on. as soon as we have more information we will pass it along to you either now or later but again following that, again three schools locked down
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there. meanwhile he could be a factor in keeping the kings from moving there. he was seen here there he was expected to meet with him there. back then he tried to buy them. the sacramento bee reports they are not letting them match the offer. one partner may take the matter to court. a previously unpublished photo of princess diana before she was princess of wales has been actioned off. the photo sold for 18,306 dollars, it shows her reclining on a bed with a young man seated behind her and a bottle of whiskey on the window sile there. it was after that. well again right now three schools there are on lock-down, let's go a live look at the scene if we could, again this is a very active scene, police just scouring the area, we do


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